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Success: What is your measure?

How do you measure your success? By the amount of money you receive for the goal you set for yourself being accomplished, or just the raw satisfaction for completing the task?
Do you deserve to be successful? I know that I dont, not yet anyway. I haven’t paid my dues. I am sometimes sickened at the success,  or the  impression of someone elses success for things just handed to them, whether it comes from namesake, hierarchy or,  mear serendipity.  My luck doesn’t run like that. I can work my tail off and stand still, or even fall backwards.  But I press on, I don’t give up.
I can whine that I need a break, I need something to fall into my hands easily,  for once. I have paid lifes perilous dues; abuse, neglect, poor, homeless, you name it. Do I want things just to come easily?  No, but it would be welcomed, but I don’t hope, yearn, dream or pray for it to happen, if it does happen, I will smile. In the meantime I just work.


4 thoughts on “Success: What is your measure?

  1. It’s simple Louise: you will never be more successful than when you help those who need help. If you can make that part of your paying job you may well be happy for life. That’s success: helping those who need it.


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