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Good Morning: First Glimpse of the Day

Peering out the window of my back porch I see the majestic 200 year old towering oak trees in the newly green pasture, behind them is the most beautiful purple and blue sky. What a way to start my day. I can hear the neighbors rooster “cock-a-doodle-doing”, birds chirping, an owl hooting, lovebirds cooing an an occasional car passing off in the distance.

Missouri is a beautiful place to live any time of the year, but I’m particularly fond of spring. A complete renewal, a rebirth after winter, it is in full effect everywhere you look. The daffodils have fully bloomed, the tree buds are just starting to show, and soon the fox family will emerge from their den out back and show off their new offspring. The farmer will be plowing his fields soon, and I will throw on my backpack and go on my yearly spring search for arrowheads that pop out of the soil.

It’s time for me to do my chores, with full expectations of having a wonderful day, I will start off tending to my sweet mare Minnie. Then I will release the hounds, so the expression goes, they are not really hounds, but they act exuberant enough first thing in the morning to be mistaken for them. Then I will go about my day, in the usual, happy-go-lucky, spring in my step way.


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