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The Book Project I’m Working On

I am working on a book project that was sparked by my recent interest in a popular TV program The Walking Dead. I say recent because it took me till this year to assimilate myself to the very idea of watching gore. Therefore I have watched all the prior seasons during two marathons, and now I’m all caught up.

I have never been into science fiction as a reading genre. I think I was once forced to read a science fiction book in high school, and it bored me to death. Ever since then I’ve thought sci-fi…ICK, and then came The Walking Dead, and  now I’m in it over my head, hook, line and sinker.

I have formulated this idea in my head, and I want very much for it to become a book, and it would be a book that would entertain a concept, that quite literally could be a very long venture of very complex characters and how they interact in their new found world. I am two chapters in with my writing at the moment, and a very long way to go till completion.

I have been mashing the title around in my head for days and days, and I have been doing a ton of research on some of the places where a small part of the plot unfolds. In order for me to convey a picture to my audience of somewhere I have never been I know I will have to over familiarize myself with these surroundings. And since there will be numerous places to research I know I will be spending a greater part of my time reading, then actually writing.

When I iron out the details more thoroughly on how the story will proceed I will let my fellow bloggers know first what my book is going to be about. Just so you know it’s not about zombies or an apocalypse.


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