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I’ve been working diligently throughout the day on my book. I have two notebooks with somewhat of a system (only I would understand) going at the same time. I have been rambling about the house, full of thought, figuring out formulas, creating interesting characters (so I hope), and running back to my notebook before I forget one single thought. By the time I get to it a good portion has gone stale, but I still manage to get some thoughts down. I have several chapters typed out in Word for my rough draft, around 4,000 words in just two days.

I was doing some research, and our weather here in Missouri turned sour and my satellite internet was getting sketchy, so I had to postpone what I was doing and head back to the pen and paper. No tornado, but a warning was issued ten miles north of my home. A little unnerving when you are deep in thought. It stymied my creativity just a tad, but I eventually got back on track.

One more very productive day just about to end, and tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully abundant with new, wonderful ideas!?


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