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Cognitive Sludge

The consequences of staying up most of the night, due to tornado watches, caused my brain to morph into a cognitive sludge. My plans for today were to write down some of the formulas for my book, but the watches were issued till 2 am, however I felt it was all clear by 1, so I went to bed. At 4:10 am I awoke to continuous lightning,  thunder, strong winds, with rain and hail pelting the windows.  The satellite signal was out, so was the Internet and the NOAA radio. Suffice it to say I was petrified,  because there was no way to know if a tornado was barreling down on us. I snuggled up to my little chihuahua for comfort. The storm lasted for an hour,  but when I’m up, I’m up, so I started my day completely exhausted. I did manage to write one chapter in my book. I’m sure I will have to rewrite all of it, but at least now the thoughts are out of my head and written down. 


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