A Rough Sample from the Book I’m Writing

I’ve been spending my day writing, creating timelines,detailed character descriptions, and dialogues.

Here is a small rough sample…..

It was early morning just before daybreak, and as George set at the table Paula was pouring coffee. They were enjoying time together, as usual before he headed off to do his chores.

“You ort to pull them young bulls away from their mamas soon George.”

“I’m not looking forward to the fits and bellering the little bastards are going to throw.”

She shook her head in agreement and went about fixing a plate of eggs, sausage, toast and grits for his breakfast.

“Ya gonna git Cliff over to help ya this time? You’re getting too old to wrangle them young uns yourself.”

Paula set his plate in front of him and patted his unkempt hair back in place.

“Yes em.” He said out of the corner of his mouth.

George wolfed down the last of his grub, stood and hugged his wife.

“Happy farmer, happy wife, I have a happy life!” He grabbed his hat off the hook, and plopped it on his head.

With a spring in his step, a full belly and a great big smile he exited out the back of the old farmhouse, ready to start his day. The screen door gave three bangs before it latched shut.


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