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In the past I haven’t been real keen on setting goals. Just recently I made it a priority.  Every day I MUST create a new one, and see it through to completion.  The goal that I’ve made  top priority is the writing of my next book. I have successfully accomplished each daily goal I’ve set for the past few weeks,  thus far. Since I put writing as a TOP priority other aspects I should have focused on also have fell to the wayside, like housekeeping.  My daughter will be coming for a visit in two days. It is time for me to shift my priorities,  yet not push writing aside; my creative juices are really flowing. So my goal today, for my writing will be to choose from a set of my characters and write a dialogue.  Should be easy enough,  right? BTW,  am I the only writer with a messy house?

UPDATE: I finished my dialogue. Goal complete. Here’s what I wrote for my book…..

“Newton, please describe what your experience was in your burning home, if you don’t mind?” Fred asked, squirming a bit on the hard, stone bench.

“I knew Mary was upstairs, and there was a wall of flames between us. I had to do whatever I could to save her. First my clothing caught on fire as I rushed up the stairs. I could feel my skin tear away, as if it were melting. I could feel the hair on my head falling off. I had to push forward, I had to save her. I could not breathe, and then I collapsed.”

“The pain must have been horrendous.” Theresa held her mouth in horror as she spoke.

“No, I did not feel my pain, I could only feel Mary’s. I could hear her screaming; that pain was unbearable.” He began to weep. Replaying Mary’s pain was too much for Newton to bear.

“We are okay now, my love, there’s not one physical scar to prove we ever experienced these horrible things.” Mary embraced Newton firmly. “We must put these painful memories aside and cherish the fact that we have been given a second chance.”


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