Spring Can Be a Real Sting in the Pants

Spring is in the air. Winter will soon be just a glimmer.  With Spring comes wonderful things, and awful things, just as equally.  Another few days of tornado weather is in the forecast here in Missouri.  The squirrels are digging up nuts they stored for the winter. The birds are happiest after the rain, but they equally enjoy the abundance of bugs to feast on. The mahogany wasps are awakened from their winter nap, and this is where my taste of spring turns sour. This morning I used the bathroom and a mohagany wasp must have crawled into my pants, before I realized what was happening I was stung 3-5 times. Yes, in the crotch area! This is the part of spring I can do without. ..ouch!


6 thoughts on “Spring Can Be a Real Sting in the Pants

  1. We don’t have mahogany wasps in the UK, and just as well by the sound of it!
    We have enough ‘normal’ wasps to keep us busy, but generally late in the summer. And hornets too…
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

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  2. Ouch! I was stung by a wasp and it swelled up all hot and red for about 6 wks until it went down. Eek! That’s why I have melissophobia (fear of bees and wasps).


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