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Writing Temporarily Postponed

My daughter and her boyfriend arrived lastnight.  It has been about 6 months since I’ve seen her. As parents of grown children know,  these times apart are difficult,  but when we are together we have so much fun. I told her about the book I’m writing,  and she loves the concept. 
Part of me wants my book written quickly,  the other part, slow and meticulous.  I will take the slow approach. I have been scribbling down my rough ideas as fast as I can in my notebooks, next I refine the writing in another notebook, and if I suddenly get an idea I ditch that one and go back to the first, and start the process again.  Once I’m through and satisfied that my idea avalanche has subsided I type the words into my computer.  I do some refining,  such as overused words, grammatical errors etc. If I feel ambitious I dissect each sentence individually and rewrite each until they flow perfectly.  I use the Thesaurus to find better sounding words that suit the sentence more eloquently,  and create a somewhat poetic, or more natural flow. After I am done I start working on dialogue,  what do I want my characters to convey through their words to add to the narrative,  a spice of their own? I am working on characters personality traits.  I find it quite challenging to do, but I’m reading all the tips and tricks I can to best differentiate each character into their own individual personality, verbally,  not just through narration.  If you have tips you would like to share feel free to leave a comment.
I won’t be getting very much writing done the next few days,  but I’m going to pick their brains to see if they have anything interesting to add to my storyline.  Any work I get accomplished will have to be in the morning while everyone else sleeps.

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I’ve been working diligently throughout the day on my book. I have two notebooks with somewhat of a system (only I would understand) going at the same time. I have been rambling about the house, full of thought, figuring out formulas, creating interesting characters (so I hope), and running back to my notebook before I forget one single thought. By the time I get to it a good portion has gone stale, but I still manage to get some thoughts down. I have several chapters typed out in Word for my rough draft, around 4,000 words in just two days.

I was doing some research, and our weather here in Missouri turned sour and my satellite internet was getting sketchy, so I had to postpone what I was doing and head back to the pen and paper. No tornado, but a warning was issued ten miles north of my home. A little unnerving when you are deep in thought. It stymied my creativity just a tad, but I eventually got back on track.

One more very productive day just about to end, and tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully abundant with new, wonderful ideas!?

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The Book Project I’m Working On

I am working on a book project that was sparked by my recent interest in a popular TV program The Walking Dead. I say recent because it took me till this year to assimilate myself to the very idea of watching gore. Therefore I have watched all the prior seasons during two marathons, and now I’m all caught up.

I have never been into science fiction as a reading genre. I think I was once forced to read a science fiction book in high school, and it bored me to death. Ever since then I’ve thought sci-fi…ICK, and then came The Walking Dead, and  now I’m in it over my head, hook, line and sinker.

I have formulated this idea in my head, and I want very much for it to become a book, and it would be a book that would entertain a concept, that quite literally could be a very long venture of very complex characters and how they interact in their new found world. I am two chapters in with my writing at the moment, and a very long way to go till completion.

I have been mashing the title around in my head for days and days, and I have been doing a ton of research on some of the places where a small part of the plot unfolds. In order for me to convey a picture to my audience of somewhere I have never been I know I will have to over familiarize myself with these surroundings. And since there will be numerous places to research I know I will be spending a greater part of my time reading, then actually writing.

When I iron out the details more thoroughly on how the story will proceed I will let my fellow bloggers know first what my book is going to be about. Just so you know it’s not about zombies or an apocalypse.

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Good Morning: First Glimpse of the Day

Peering out the window of my back porch I see the majestic 200 year old towering oak trees in the newly green pasture, behind them is the most beautiful purple and blue sky. What a way to start my day. I can hear the neighbors rooster “cock-a-doodle-doing”, birds chirping, an owl hooting, lovebirds cooing an an occasional car passing off in the distance.

Missouri is a beautiful place to live any time of the year, but I’m particularly fond of spring. A complete renewal, a rebirth after winter, it is in full effect everywhere you look. The daffodils have fully bloomed, the tree buds are just starting to show, and soon the fox family will emerge from their den out back and show off their new offspring. The farmer will be plowing his fields soon, and I will throw on my backpack and go on my yearly spring search for arrowheads that pop out of the soil.

It’s time for me to do my chores, with full expectations of having a wonderful day, I will start off tending to my sweet mare Minnie. Then I will release the hounds, so the expression goes, they are not really hounds, but they act exuberant enough first thing in the morning to be mistaken for them. Then I will go about my day, in the usual, happy-go-lucky, spring in my step way.

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Success: What is your measure?

How do you measure your success? By the amount of money you receive for the goal you set for yourself being accomplished, or just the raw satisfaction for completing the task?
Do you deserve to be successful? I know that I dont, not yet anyway. I haven’t paid my dues. I am sometimes sickened at the success,  or the  impression of someone elses success for things just handed to them, whether it comes from namesake, hierarchy or,  mear serendipity.  My luck doesn’t run like that. I can work my tail off and stand still, or even fall backwards.  But I press on, I don’t give up.
I can whine that I need a break, I need something to fall into my hands easily,  for once. I have paid lifes perilous dues; abuse, neglect, poor, homeless, you name it. Do I want things just to come easily?  No, but it would be welcomed, but I don’t hope, yearn, dream or pray for it to happen, if it does happen, I will smile. In the meantime I just work.